Welcome to Cocoa Cottage--Dominica Mind Body Adventure

Cocoa Cottage is an artistic guest house located in the heart of the Roseau Valley. Only a few miles from town but worlds apart, this Valley is home to many waterfalls, Sulphur pools, rivers, and various trails, all within minutes of the cottage.

Cocoa Cottage is imaginative, earthy, rustic and whimsical, a fine gentle touch with rough edges. It is a perfect union of all that nature offers, local hard wood, lava stones, spring waters, coral and bamboo, all creatively layered with rich vivid colors.

Our kitchen provides food for the soul, using the plentiful offerings of our island, all prepared with natural herbs and spices, with the utmost attention to details. At any time you'll find yourself deep in lively conversation with someone you just met, connecting, sharing, inspiring and being inspired.

Cocoa Cottage is one with nature. We adopt Eco friendly daily practices as a way of connecting with ourselves, with one another, and with the world around us

Directions to Cocoa Cottage .

Guests driving from either Melville Hall Airport or Canefield Airport, take the road heading south towards Roseau. You will arrive to Roseau from the North via Independence Street - drive until you reach King George V Street. Turn left on King George V. The street takes you out of town east towards Trafalgar falls area. Follow the road until you reach a two way fork.

Take the one on the left hand side and climb the hill (the road on the right hand side leads to Wotten Waven). Climb the road up the hill until you reach a second fork. This time take the road on the right hand side towards Trafalgar Falls (the upper road leads to Laudat). Drive for another 3 minutes. We are on the right hand side of the road - look for our big blue sign.